Saturday, July 22, 2006

A Tribute to my PC
I write this from my new and beautiful Macbook...

Today marks the end of an era. I have laid to rest my faithful PC friend of many years. I spent the day clearing off my files, transferring everything to the Macbook, and making sure the PC was cleaned of all that it ever was. It's a pivotal day for me.

My dad gave me the PC several years ago when he upgraded to a newer PC. He had assembled the PC himself, and it was no mere IBM or Dell. It was custom. With nearly 8 gigs of hardrive space, it was a monster of it's time.

Over the years, the PC and I have had our ups and downs. During the time when I was unemployed, I was extremely grateful for the PC. I could do some freelance work from home, surf the internet for jobs, and keep my resume up to date. She was a lifesaver, running smoothly and without problems when I needed her most.

Every time my dad would visit, he would spend some time with the PC; defragging the hardrive, cleaning up files, running utilities, and generally being my own personal IT Dad, making sure my computer never let me down. One time I came home to find he had installed a brand new CD burner for me. I could now burn CDs with the PC. It was a good day.

Over the past couple of years, the PC has begun to show her age. No longer able to keep up with my highspeed internet. One of the two CD drives finaly gave out, no longer allowing me to play music. Freezing up if I ran more than two programs at a time. Giving me that scary bluescreen several times a week.

Eventually, she got to the point to where I couldn't even shut her down without the fear that she would never come back on. It was time to make a change.

I waited as long as I could, but I decided it was time to make a computer investment of my own. I did a lot of research to find the best thing to suit my needs and somewhat of a budget. Then, I broke the news to my Dad that I would officially be making the switch to Mac. I could feel his disappointment, and possibly some feelings of betrayal. But it was a decision I needed to make for me. It was time to let the PC go, whether the family disowned me or not.

Over the past month or so that I've had my new and beautiful Macbook, I've been using both the PC and the Macbook. I have a strong attachment to the PC. I've had a hard time making myself shut her down for good. She's been good to me. But today, I finally said goodbye. Forever. I cleaned her up and turned her off, staring at that scary blue screen for the very last time.

I have my new office set-up complete. The Macbook is in it's proper place on my desk. The PC is sadly unassembled in the corner, waiting to go somewhere where it will either be of some minimal use for parts, or to be recycled. My office has a much cleaner, sleeker, efficient look and feel. I'm quite happy.

So to you, Dad, I say thanks for the PC. She's been good to me for many years. And you have been the best IT Dad a daughter could ask for. Come on over sometime and I'll show you what the Macbook can do...

And to you, PC, I say thank you. Thanks for the years of hardwork and loyalty. You were a dependable machine when I needed you most. You will not be forgotten....

PC out-

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