Sunday, July 30, 2006

Greatest Hits
In my adventures of ripping my CDs, downloading a few songs here and there as I go, and making one mix CD after another, I've discovered one very important thing that makes this whole process extremely easy, and ridiculous.

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE has a Greatest Hits CD.

Just now, I've put together a little mix CD I like to call "Cheese". In the making of this fabulous mix, I discovered that even Nelson (yes, that awesome hair duo from the 90s) has a Greatest Hits CD.

Um, I think they had one hit. The had only two CDs. Yet like, 10 years later in 2004, for whatever reason they decided that the public was yearning for all of their "greatest" hits on one CD.

Had anyone even thought of these guys since 1990's Can't Live Without Your Love? Much less, when 2004 hit, did anyone think, "Hey, I wish Nelson would put out a compilation CD. I miss those guys."

Um, no.

Tomorrow's mix CD will be The Tyrant's Greatest Hits. I haven't written any songs, yet. But by tomorrow my public will want to hear whatever my greatest hits might be.


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