Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Things that were good for me over the weekend
A little late on these, but whatever.

1. Grouting my shower.
First, a thorough cleaning of the shower. Then the filling in of places where the grout has worn thin. I already had the grout on hand, for some reason. I mean, doesn't everyone keep grout around the house? And again, I needed the therapy. When I'm stressed or upset, I tend to turn super OCD and I clean a lot. Thanks to stress, my house now has steam-cleaned carpets and new grout in my shower. I'm sure I'll find more to do this weekend!

I also need to start working out again. After all the cleaning and the grouting, my legs and back felt like I had been lifting weights all day. Who knew grouting could make you so sore?

2. Kelly Clarkson.

I finally bought it. I really needed it in an emergency sort of way this weekend. And I have to say I honestly, truly love it.

There. I said it. I'm a fan.

3. Napping.
I'm not sleeping so well at night lately. But napping is something I'm getting really good at.

Is it the weekend again, yet?


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