Monday, February 06, 2006

My carpets are clean
Not because they were particularly dirty, but I needed the therapy this weekend.

I borrowed my parents' carpet cleaner thingy, and I enjoyed a weekend of thoroughly cleaning my carpets. The straight lines. The fluffy carpet. The sucking out of dirt and grime.

Seeing what came out and throwing it away, knowing that even though I couldn't see it in my carpet, it was making my house and my life dirtier than the after-effects of a deep cleaning.

Feeling cleansed afterwards.

Much needed therapy.

I also trimmed, hacked, and sawed tree limbs to make my fig tree neater. It was attacking my neighbor's fence by leaning on it.

I needed that therapy, too. Pruning the tree, saving the fence, helping my neighbor. Sweat and manual labor.

Funny, though, how cleaning everything around me doesn't necessarily ease what's going on inside me. But at least I wore myself out enough to sleep.

And my carpets are spring-time fresh. That's a bonus.


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