Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Mega MOL Christian Conference
I don't usually blog about work. And I don't usually go overboard incorporating the MOL usage into my blogs. But I just spent the better part of two days at a conference I will refer to as Mega MOL Christian Conference. Here I witnessed the most MOL of Christian activities and personalities, all gathered under one roof. It begs to be mentioned on the blog.

I was able to interact with some Christian MOLs:

Prestonwood MOL

Bible Answer Man MOL

I shared the floor with representatives of other Christian MOLs:

Word of Faith Movement MOL

And other Christian MOLs made special appearances for autograph signings:

Jim Bakker MOL

But even more intriguing than the MOL Personalities were the rows and rows of Christian products. There is literally a Christian version of anything you could ever need. I saw these and many more:

Christian luggage, complete with Bible verses that I'm sure were handcrafted into the pieces of luggage by actual Christians
Christian Gourmet recipes
Christian comedians
Christian jewelry and furniture, made entirely by Christians
Christian travel agents
Christian places to travel to
Christian video and audio equipment, to film and hear those special Christian moments
Christian television shows and networks
Christian radio networks
Christian publishers
And yes, Christian soy bars

There's even Christian niche television programming, any program you could possibly think of to "reach" lost souls in obscure markets. One guy came and talked to me about helping him get his Christian Bowhunting program going.

Yes, I said Christian bowhunting.

But even with all of the MOL Christian Mega Stars, and the MOL Christian products, and the Super MOL Big Christian Hair, Hairdos, and Toupees, I think the MOST MOL thing I saw this week was a life-size sculpture of Jesus hanging on a cross, and the whole thing was made entirely of nails.

Like, how do you even make that?

I'll stick with Christian Bowhunting, thank you very much.



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