Wednesday, April 04, 2007

One more reason I like my job

This week they let the employees in on the company's Cingular Friends & Family discount.

SCORE. I already have Cingular, so this is a big score for me.

I've been holding on to my ghetto phone until it dies, not because I particularly love it. But when I got the phone, I actually made $50 on it through all of the rebates. So literally, the phone cost me negative $50.

Hence, I have made it last for several years, very proud that I stuck it to the phone people by figuring out how to get them to pay me for what was (at the time) a very fancy phone. And it's been a good phone. But, on my last work trip to Florida, my coworker marvelled at my ghetto phone (it just doesn't fit in with all the Blackberrys that my bosses have). And I had to agree. My phone is officially ghetto.

While making $50 on a phone purchase is hard to beat, I'm pretty pleased that I just ordered a $380 phone, for which I will pay .....$5. Plus my new monthly plan is cheaper than the one I currently have, and it has more minutes.

I'm pretty sure the new phone will do anything I could think to ask it to do, including my laundry. It's pretty fancy. Which is funny because I never talk on the phone anyway. So I guess it's good that it can cook and clean, since I won't be using it much for talking.

It will be completely worth $5.


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