Sunday, April 22, 2007

Nature blog

This is my favorite time of year. It's light enough late enough, and it's not too hot, yet, so that the evenings are nice to enjoy outside.

This is a great way to end my weekend.... out in the nature of my homestead....

Freshly mown weeds (there's some good grass starting to come back, too).
Freshly painted patio chairs (don't worry, they're dry).
Fresh cup of lemonade.
Rose bushes, begonias, and pansies blooming around me like crazy.
Crazy birds chirpping, and one weird owl-like thing... hooting.
Nice, gusty wind that is cooling my funny sunburn from pulling weeds yesterday.

.... and I am totally blogging outside in my backyard.

I hope a bird doesn't poop on my Macbook.


PS: Sweet shed, right?

1 comment:

Ken said...

Whoa! There is like grass back there... And its soooo greeeenn...