Sunday, November 20, 2005

Salsa on Maraccas
Last Sunday, I had lunch with the Phoebes.

This is not a photo of the Phoebes at lunch. It is a photo of our phinish last year.

Two years ago, Team Phoebe was birthed for the five of us to run the relay race of the White Rock Marathon. We ran it again last year, which qualifies it as a tradition. We named ourselves after Phoebe of Friends, who is our inspiration for running, due to the episode when she and Rachel run crazy in Central Park.

Phoebe #1 is pretty much a professional runner. She is super phast.

Phoebe #2 is also a runner. She runs the hills.

Phoebe #3 is me. I do not run. Except for this one day a year with the Phoebes. I am what is known as "the weak link", and my motivation for completing my 5 miles is that there is usually a Krispy Kreme donut waiting for me when I am done.

Phoebe #4 is also a runner, and she makes up for the time we lose during my leg of "running" (and by "running" what I do is basically wheezing, walking, wandering, and sometimes crying).

Phoebe #5 is our marathoner, and she phinishes strong for Team Phoebe each year.

This year, the Phoebes were in danger of not running. Phoebe #2 just had her tonsils taken out (which if you ask me, should make her run phaster because she is carrying less tonsil weight). Phoebe #3 hasn't exercised since the Great Bike Catastrophe back in May. Phoebe #1 is running with her dad and sister. And Phoebes 4 and 5 could run circles around all of us no matter what.

So, we decided we needed a Phoebe lunch to take the place of running.

However, somehow amidst salsa on maraccas and catching up on the lives of the Phoebes, it was determined that phour of the phive Phoebes will be running after all. We will join Phoebe #1 and her family. Phoebe #2 will be there to cheer us on. Phoebes 4 and 5 will split a leg of the relay. And somehow, Phoebe Me will take on my usual phive miles.

For the third year in a row, Team Phoebe will run.

Run, Phoebes, run.


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