Monday, November 28, 2005

I glued my fingers together

I think I was perhaps born for the sole purpose of entertaining people by being stupid, which I do every few minutes, all day, without ceasing.

One of my mom's favorite stories of me is the time I tried to glue the bottom back onto my sandal using Super Glue. I propped the sandal pieces apart, squirted way too much glue in between the pieces, then held the pieces together. Not only did I successfully glue the sandal back together and therefore save myself from having to purchase new sandals (I was in highschool and quite poor), but I also glued my fingers together. Completely together.

I would have gotten out of that mess a lot easier and quicker if my mom could have stopped laughing at me long enough to help me.

Tonight the lid on my trashcan broke. It is spring action. When you push the button on top, the lid pops up. Tonight, it did not pop. I picked it up and a spring flew off. Turns out the tiny piece of plastic that holds the spring onto the lid broke.

I decided I could totally fix that with some Super Glue.

Did I not learn my lesson all those years ago???

I got the glue. I squirted it. I held the piece in place. It stuck!

And so did my fingers. To each other.

Not nearly as severely as the last time I glued them together. They came apart easily enough. But many hours later I still have glue on my fingers. It's not "super" for no reason, I'll tell you that.

Anyway, I let the glue set on the trashcan. I put the pieces back together. And, the trashcan broke again. All that glue on my fingers for nothing.

It did serve one purpose. I touched my really hot oven rack (on accident) and I didn't burn myself. The glue formed a shield against the heat and danger.

I don't really recommend going that route. An oven mitt would probably be easier.

But, I glued my fingers together tonight.



PS: Looks like it's time for a trip to Target for a new trashcan.

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