Monday, May 05, 2008

I really like free stuff

I got a free Tetanus shot at work last week.

Of course, they gave us the shots because they thought we were possibly exposed to Whooping Cough. So they brought in free Tetanus/Anti-Whooping Cough shots.

Whatever. I really like free stuff. And they gave me an American flag band-aid that I proudly wore the rest of the day.

The band-aid was free, too.

So, this weekend I figured, "Hey, I've had my tetanus shot, which makes me impervious to being impaled by sharp metal. Why not clean out my gutters on the house?"

So, I cleaned out my gutters.

And let me say this: I don't care how many Tetanus shots you get, cleaning out the gutters is still quite possibly the most disgusting job ever, in the whole entire world. Period.

Tetanus does NOT make you impervious to the disgusting-ness that lives in your gutters.

Even if it's free.


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