Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The next phase of my life

Sure, I just started a new job this week and it's going great. But it's never the wrong time to think about your future.

In "some" years, I will achieve the age of 35 years old. This can be an important time in a woman's life. It represents a milestone of age and wisdom that opens new doors that were previously un-openable whilst being much younger, and far less wise.

One door is a position of power, leadership, and includes a big house. At the age of 35, I will become eligible to be President of the United States. And at the rate things are going now, our country might be ready for a fresh, young face and a new take on leading this country with honesty, values, and all of the country-running know-how contained in seven seasons of The West Wing.

First order of business: Four-day work weeks (Violators will be prosecuted and ridiculed)

Second order of business: Business-casual dress code at The White House

Third order of business: My face on a new 3-dollar bill

Fourth order of business: Peace in the Middle East, and fix Social Security
Of course, should I choose not to become President, the age of 35 will still provide an opportunity behind door number two. This one comes with far less power and little-to-no Secret Service. But it does combine my love of reality TV and ridiculous modeling competitions.

And I think I can still probably get my face on that 3-dollar bill.

I may be too old for America's Next Top Model, but come my 35th birthday, I will be the perfect age for TV Land's new show . . .

Gorgeous women 35-and-over will grace TV Land primetime in a new modeling competition series like no other. For one very lucky winner, a second chance for a supermodel career, a life changing contract with the world famous Wilhelmina Modeling Agency, and a spread in Self magazine awaits.
I mean, it will be a tough choice. Ruler of the free world, or 35-year-old model. The possibilities are endless with either path that I might choose.

But I have "some" years to think it through and arrive at my decision in a mature and responsible way. It's a big decision. I'll give it some time.

Of course, if I get fat and ugly before 35, the decision is pretty much made for me.

I think that's must have been what happened to Hillary, too.


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Amanda said...


"Third order of business: My face on a new 3-dollar bill"

... that's funny.