Tuesday, January 23, 2007

When will the wait be ogre?
I just saw a commercial for the new Shrek movie.

And by "new' I mean it will be out in 115 days. How do I know this?

BECAUSE THAT'S THE AD. Yes, the wait will be "ogre" in 115 days.

Now, my questions are these:

1. (since this is a kid's movie and all)... are movie-promoting people under the impression that kids can count to 115? I can barely count that high and I'm a very old kid.

2. Do these same movie-producing people under the impression that kids are going to figure out when 115 days is in the future, mark it on their calendar, and wait patiently until that day?

3. Are parents interested in hearing this for the next 115 days: CAN WE GO SEE SHREK TODAY? IS IT TODAY?? IS IT TIME FOR SHREK??? ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR... AHUNDREDANDFIFTEEN!!!! I WANNA SEE SHREK!!!!

4. So seriously, everyday for the next 115 days, are we going to see this Shrek movie commercial counting down to Day 1?

I'm not really sure I understand this marketing logic. But I guess it's never too early to start promoting stuff to ensure the success of a project.

So just so everyone knows, in 115 days (which I think is sometime in December of 2010) I won't care that Shrek III is now available in theaters, nor will I care that the wait is "ogre".


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monger187 said...

We rented Shrek and my kids didn't even like it. My wife and I couldn't make it through either. I'm not sure what age group really appreciates barf and fart jokes. What a waste of celluloid. Oh yeah, also, my 4 year old can count to 115 and beyond. Sometimes he counts the whole time we are in the car, and once he ended up going past 1000!