Sunday, August 10, 2008

Been around the world . . . again.

Sadly, I am back home after my vacation to South Africa. Not sad in the sense that I hate my home. But it's always sad to end one of my big trip vacations.

I just really, really love vacation. And I really, really, REALLY love seeing the world.

Regrettably, my luggage has gone rogue and decided to stay on vacation. Or maybe it's being held hostage somewhere by a group of rebels who enjoy stealing small suitcases full of dirty underwear and t-shirts.

Whatever the case may be, it's not here. And according to American Airlines, it is somewhere between Capetown and here . . . probably.

Hopefully it gets here. Otherwise, no presents for anyone. All of my shopping is also in that bag. With the dirty underwear.

More on vacation later. For now, enjoy this photo of me on an ostrich.

This photo also documents the last time I wore that outfit. I hope to see it again someday. Those are my most favorite jeans in the whole world . . . apparently lost somewhere around the world.



meghant said...

What is it with you and luggage? Didn't you lose it on the way to the beach? I think you just mislabel stuff.

The Cynical Tyrant said...

Yeah I did. That might have been the start of my bad luck with checked bags.

It's a curse. I never check a bag unless I absolutely have to because it almost never fails to get lost.

I think the airlines have my picture up behind the counters. When they see me coming to check a bag, they mark it "special" so that it takes a trip of its own.