Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Heavy heart

My heart has been heavy today. It's the ninth anniversary of my sister's death.

Nine years since I had a sister. Hard to believe.

It's a day like any other day, but with a twist that I carry around for the day. Unbeknownst to many who don't know about it. And forgotten by many who have known.

I never forget. Every year.

I go to work like a normal day, expected to perform like a normal day, but it's not really a normal day for me.

Each year, I hear from less people. It's noticeable. This year, no one asked how I am. No hugs. No one to talk to. No knowing looks that comfort by communicating, "I know."

A few still remember and they let me know. I'm very thankful and appreciative for that.

It sucks being sad and feeling alone about it.

Good thing tomorrow is another day.



Jethro said...

my sympathies for the day - its always interesting the memories. To me they are stark balck and white things in my mind.
My mates sister died last week - early 40s with kids - from cancer
tough stuff - always is.
anyway take care CT

Durblady said...

I understand your feelings - it has been 15 years (on August 26) since I had a brother. My mom called me before I could call her. That was it - nobody else. It does suck!