Saturday, July 12, 2008

Coming Soon: The greatest achievement of my life.

This is big.

Sure, I've had plenty of other big achievements:

  • Graduated college, with honors
  • Bought a house
  • Fixed the soffit on said house
  • Wrote a novel
  • Produced a CD
  • Was nominated for a Webby award
  • Survived Russia in winter
  • Survived LASIK surgery . . . twice
  • Fixed broken power windows on my Jeep by myself
  • Figured out how to Sudoku
  • Got up before noon this morning
But this next one blows all of those major accomplishments away. It is a MAJOR award, folks.

Due to all of the fantastic travel I have coming up in the next few weeks, I have signed up for the American Airlines Platinum Challenge. And I confirmed yesterday that in just a few short weeks . . .

I will be a PLATINUM level traveler.

People, this kind of status is a dream come true. The sun will shine a little brighter. The lines I wait in at the airport will be much, much shorter.

In fact, I full expect all lines everywhere to simply go away for me. The checkout line at the grocery store, lines at the State Fair, wrinkle lines that appear on my face as I move deeper into my 30s . . .

GONE. Because I have Platinum status.

It is a far-reaching status that I will take full advantage of in every area of my life.

Get ready for the Platinum Tyrant. Coming soon . . .


1 comment:

Kate said...

So does everyone let you go in front, or do they abandon the line altogether?