Monday, September 01, 2008

Tyrant through the years . . .

I recently received a letter about my 10 year College Homecoming festivities. I can hardly believe I've been out of college for 10 years. . .

Today I spent some time looking through old photos. I found some of my yearbook photos, more than I remember ever taking. Some more embarrassing than others . . .

Here's the first photo I found, from my 1952 yearbook. Don't laugh!

In 1960, I looked remarkably like my mother did as a teenager!

By 1968, I'd lost those lame glasses. Much better!

1978 was a good year for my hair. I'm actually not really sure how I got it to do that, but it worked!

By 1984, I'd toned down the 'fro and opted for more feather.

In 1986, someone talked me in to experimenting with gerry curl. It was a bad decision.

By 1992, I was back to lots of feather, and lots of Aqua Net! And a really tan neck, apparently.

Halfway through college, I experimented with blonde. It worked, but it was too hard to keep up.

By 1998, the year I graduated college, I was back to something normal to go with my really tan neck.

But, I'm sure glad I'm past that now! Man, 10 years really makes you glad you don't look as ridiculous as you did back in college . . .

That's hot.


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JASClark said...

You've aged well